The Rare Brass Series contains only fine, scholarly editions of original music for brass. These have been researched, over many years, by Christopher Larkin and are drawn from major national collections and archives. Most are here published for the first time.


DVORAK Fanfary ku slavnostnímu zahájeni zemské vystavy v Praze

4 Trumpets and Timpani £6.00

[Fanfare for 4 natural trumpets composed for the 1891 Prague Exposition]

D'INDY Rondino

4 Trumpets £6.00

[Hunting fanfare for 4 natural trumpets composed circa 1910


Horn and Organ £9.00

[Early, unpublished work of Saint-Saëns from circa 1854]

REICHA Solo pour Cor

Horn and Piano £9.00

[Composed circa 1820. Horn in E (Horn in F part supplied)]

CHERUBINI 6 Pas Redoublés et 2 Marches pour la Musique du Régiment des Chasseurs de la Garde du Roi de Prusse

Trumpet in F, 3 Horns in F, Trombone or Serpent £12.50

[Composed in 1814 for von Witzleben, Commandant of the Paris garrison, after Napoleon's exile to Elba]

MAURER 12 Kleine Stücke

2 Cornets in Bb, 2 Horns in Eb and Bass Trombone £16.50

[Reprint of the original 1878 St. Petersburg edition]

DAVID Nonetto en Ut Mineur

2 Cornets, 4 Horns, Trombone and Ophicleide £48.00

[Composed by Félicien David in 1839 for Musard's Promenade Concerts - a fascinating four movement work lasting 20 minutes]

GRIEG Sörgemarsch over Rikard Nordråk

Eb Cornet, 2 Bb Cornets, Eb Trumpet, 2 Eb Althorns, £12.00
Euphonium, Tuba, Tenor & Bass Drums, Cymbals, Tam-Tam

[The original 1878 version of this famous work. Bb cornet and trumpet parts and Treble Clef Euphonium and Tuba parts are also supplied]

URBIN 23 Pensées pour 2 Cors en Tons semblables

2 Horns in F £13.50

[Published in 1852 and taken from the Méthode de Cor à trois Pistons by Donatien Urbin. These interesting duets come from the generation after Meifred introduced the valve horn to France]

FORESTIER 4 Quatuors

2 Bb Cornets, Eb Saxhorn, Ophicleide or Trombone £8.00

[Composed in 1861 by the French cornet virtuoso and comprising a March, Andantino, Pas Redoublé and A te, O Cara from I Puritani. Parts are supplied for Horn in F and Bb Euphonium.]

HAUDEK 28 Duets for 2 Horns

2 Horns in F £8.00

[Carl Haudek and Anton Hampl were the two Bohemian horn-players at the Dresden Court who codified the use of hand technique on the horn. These Duets are probably those that Haudek used for teaching purposes. The MS copy, itself dating from about 1800, is in private ownership in England]

NEUKOMM Marche Réligieuse & Andante

Horn and Organ £8.00

[Sigismund Neukomm, a pupil of both Michael and Josef Haydn, was Talleyrand's private pianist. He composed the March in 1822 for the Distribution of Prizes in the Hospice Chapel at Valencay. The Andante was composed in Paris in July, 1843.]

The Saint-Saëns is recorded on Heroic and Ceremonial Music for Brass and Organ [Hyperion CDA 66275] available from LGB Edition. The Dvorak, David and Cherubini are recorded on Original 19th Century Music for Brass [Hyperion CDA 66470]. See DISCOGAPHY

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